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August 6, 2015
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Tin Cans Unlimited, a company I co-founded six years ago, rarely makes an appearance on this blog (beyond the copyright notice in the footer). That’s by design. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say about Tin Cans or its awesome assemblage of talent. It’s not that anecdotes from World Headquarters wouldn’t make fine additions to this blog. No.

Frankly, I simply don’t want to give anyone the wrong idea.

Several years ago, I read a book by Rick Warren. You might have heard of it. No? It’s called The Purpose Driven Life. I read the original “40 Days of Purpose” edition, along with about half the Southern Baptists in existence at the time. In that book, somewhere around page 300, Pastor Warren encourages readers to keep a journal of their experiences, so we could reflect upon them, better understand them, and be able to share them with others.

(For you Harry Potter fans, this is about as close as the real world can get to a Pensieve.)

My very first online writing – way back on MySpace – was an attempt to create a “purpose-driven blog.” That same principle applies to

But is not about the business. At all.

That doesn’t mean the business won’t come up in conversation. I spend more time working on Tin Cans projects than anything else – including eating and sleeping. It’s going to come up. It doesn’t mean things I learn shouldn’t apply to the workplace. If it applies in life, it applies at work.

It does mean that this blog is not and never will be a backdoor plug for Tin Cans.




Jeff Peyton
Jeff Peyton
Don’t be fooled by Jeff Peyton's accomplishments in communications, crisis and business management. He also wing-walked on an airplane at 700 feet, co-piloted the Goodyear Blimp and swam with sharks - and still managed to obtain paperwork officially declaring him “legally sane.” Really.

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