Step Thirty Eight

Step Thirty Seven
August 9, 2015
Step Thirty Nine
August 10, 2015


Progress report. A while back I lamented the universe’s unilateral decision to hold my weight north of 209 in some cosmic effort to rescue the Earth from, I don’t know, another Fantastic Four reboot. Well, I’ve taken matters into my own hands (er, feet). I will be 199 pounds, cosmic peril be damned.

Officially, the tale of the tape will be told after a 6 a.m. Monday weigh-in. But I can’t wait that long. As of right this moment (9:54 p.m. ET), I weight 211.2 pounds. Monday last, I weighed 216.8. If I can avoid chips and soda tonight, I suspect tomorrow morning’s bare-bottomed official tally will be right on the wire!

Will I see the south side of 210? Will the martians invade and demand that we turn over all scales, in which case we may never actually know?

Stay tuned!

Jeff Peyton
Jeff Peyton
Don’t be fooled by Jeff Peyton's accomplishments in communications, crisis and business management. He also wing-walked on an airplane at 700 feet, co-piloted the Goodyear Blimp and swam with sharks - and still managed to obtain paperwork officially declaring him “legally sane.” Really.

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